My name is Ed Giddings and I have been active in the VFX industry for over fifteen years. Below you can find a list of those I've provided work for and a short description of what that work entailed.

Haynes Publishing
- Provided model and texture work for the Bird of Prey Owner's Manual alongside Rick Sternbach, Ben Robinson and Adam 'Mojo' Lebowitz

Eaglemoss Publications
- Provided Star Trek related model and renders for the Starships Collection magazine series.
- Provided over thirty Batmobiles - models, renders and cutaways for the Batman Automobilia magazine series.
- Provided models and renders for the Marvel Fact Files magazine series.

Dilated Pixels/Syfy Channel
- Provided model and texture work for the Syfy television movies - Red Faction: Origins and Miami Magma.

- Provided model work used in the creation of 3D Lenticular prints.

Adam 'Mojo' Lebowitz (Formerly of Foundation Imaging)
- Model/Texture Work - Star Trek models appearing in various publications and artwork.

- Model work - Appeared in the October 2002 edition of the Official Star Trek Magazine in the US.

Threshold Digital
- Model work - Star Trek Theme Park Ride

Flying Pig Creative
- Model/Texture/Animation work - Architectural Visualisation DVD content.
- UK Stargate DVD promotional materials (DVD inserts, Posters, Web Graphics).

Sun Microsystems
- Model/Texture work - Presentation flyers.

Foundation 3D
- Model/Texture work - Premiere Membership content

Immersive education/AP3D
- Model Work - Educational interactive CD's